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Kirk Douglas and THE WHO fans!

Video I made to Celebrate Kirk Douglas’s Birthday
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Hello and thanks for stopping by the Kirk Douglas Lives website:

Disclaimer: First off I need a disclaimer about what and why this site exists! This is nothing but a tribute web site to one of Hollywood’s film legends. I’m not representing Mr Douglas in any way nor I’m not selling/profiting by creating and hosting this website.


I’m a movie and film fan and have also have met Mr Douglas on a number occasions. I have a collection of memorabilia of Mr Kirk Douglas and just wish to share them to rest of his fans. You will also find other things like a news-feed on new articles about Kirk Douglas, film facts, maybe some video, trivia, link and much more! I just wanted to have a “Coffee Table Book” like tribute website with lots of photos and videos…who reads coffee table books any way? Look! Look! Look!

To get around the site, I have split the navigation into two (2) navigation bars.

  1. There on the top of the page is “My Memorabilia” navigation bar which consists of my collection of Kirk Douglas memorabilia that I have collected through the years. Some rare and hard to find items to common items.
  2. The “Main” navigation bar which consist of information and media on Kirk Douglas!

So…From one Kirk Douglas fan to another…. I invite those to look around and leave your comments. Have fun!
Take a look around here but here is the “Official” Kirk Douglas website.